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Pop Up Tip #4: Stabilizer


I am often asked which stabilizer I like best for pop ups.  My favorite is SF101 Shapeflex by Pellon.  It is a fusible midweight woven interfacing that resists creasing.  You do not need a stiff stabilizer... the spring does that work.

Pop Up Tip #3: How to make the fabric inside a FQ pop up not upside-down...

The FQ pop up will work with directional fabric… but the fabric will be upside-down inside the pop up. It will be right side up on the outside.You need a 3/8 yard cut if directional.Cut 2 pieces and seam them together before cutting out the side piece so the fabrics will line up.Cut 2 pieces 17.5" W x 8" [...]

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Pop Up Tip #2: Fat Quarter Pop Up Inner Base Seam. Should it be raw?

Yes!When you finish the FQ pop up, the fabric is turned right side out (rolling the fabric over the spring before removing the safety pins).  The base seam ends up inside... and it is raw.  Some people like to zigzag it, but it really isn't necessary.  

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Pop Up Tip #1 - How do the ties work?

How do those silly ties work anyways???Some of the pop up patterns use ties as an option to hold the pop up closed for storage.  You can also use elastic or nothing at all... if you have no intention of ever storing it collapsed.  How are they attached?After the ties are sewn and a knot [...]

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